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It's all about the pillows...

I love pillows…

I love their coziness, their luxurious voluptuousness and the possibilities of beauty and comfort they provide. It may have to do with the word “pillow” itself…what do you think of when you hear it? Big, soft, fluffy pillows piled on top of your bed; piles of gorgeous pillows in fabulous colours and textures on a deep-seated sofa…perfect for reading or napping on a cold, rainy day. Or perhaps it is the pillowy hug from the woman you love or the mother who held you when you were tired or sad.

Wherever you find the word “pillow” it is usually associated with comfort. I have always carried my pillow (or “pullump”, as the five-year-old Aussie kid in me says) on any trip, be it a short road trip or a fifteen hour flight across the Pacific Ocean.

As a little girl, when my dad would come home from work he would call out “get your pullump Christine, we’re going to Queensland!” Oh the heaven of it! A huge pile of pillows and blankets in the back of the van and a thousand mile drive ahead of us. Too bad I had to share it with my two little brothers - but that’s another story.

Then there was the bliss of being wrapped in the loving, pillowy bosom of my nanna when we finally arrived in Queensland and climbing into a bed that was encircled by a "romantic” mosquito net and made up in clean, white, cotton sheets and pillows. One of my daughter’s few memories of my dad includes bringing her pullump into bed with him and nanna for a morning snuggle.

I have this huge collection of of gorgeous fabric and vintage blankets that just keeps expanding; spilling off the shelves, into drawers, out of drawers; piling up in corners…

So when I asked myself the question “what do I want to do?” I thought…”I want to make pillows.” I will make beautiful pillows to make people happy.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Chiaroscuro...... black and white fabulous..... .

One of my favorite color schemes is Chiaroscuro or shades of black, gray, creme and white.  I am thinking of crisp black and white ticking pillows on a white linen sofa, faded ink stenciled on old wooden shop signs, faded black and white toile curtains or even the crisp beauty of a Swedish seaside cottage stained with that ubiquitous black stain and then trimmed in crisp white. 

I love the way the color scheme works with old metal, glass wear and wicker.  I usually stick to interiors but couldn't resist this image of a pair of fabulous black and white stripe palazzo pants and fabulous sandals and gotta love the grey nail polish...... very chic.  If I had another life it would be in a chic black and white house with no color at all, it obviously won't be this life because I love color too much, but if there is another go around..... maybe.

Isn't this stunning, love the New Yorker print too.

Love the Scandinavian vibe here, especially the old weathered wood beach chair with the crisp new ticking cover.

This looks to me like a refurbished church or school, love the black and white with the worn wood.
Fabulous vista. I love this glimpse of that black dresser through those fabulous doors and a glimpse of a grey linen pillow in the foreground.
I wish I could do this, and resist putting color in there.
I wish I had styled this, I wish I owned this, I want to see this image every day in my house.
Can't you just imagine the snow piled up outside and curling up here in front of the fire.... and someone teaching me to knit.!
There is nothing I would change here, love the sleek, modern chair, fabulous ceiling fixture the warm rug and all the different black and white themes.
Chic, fabulous and sooooo comfortable looking.
OK, so hope that this snaps everybody awake ...... gotta love black and white fabulous!!


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